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The Associated Press published a Met Life study that said 40% of American workers feel their workloads have increased in the past 12 months. When I presented this to a group the other day they were surprised the figure was that low. Their experience led them to believe it would much higher than 40%.

Some things never change. Twenty years ago a bank branch manager moaned that as his bank went through a round of layoffs to please Wall Street it just meant that his workload would go up. The bank expected the same amount of production from his branch with fewer people.

Why do this? If you’re fed up with the corporate world consider buying a business. For the person with the right aptitude, management and leadership skills and capital to invest it can make for a wonderful life. At almost every workshop on business buying I give to executives somebody always says that a motivation to own a business is to reap the rewards from their hard (and smart) work.

Is now a good time to buy given the recession? The answer is yes as there are always good businesses for sale. There may not be as many as three years ago but the ones that have done well can wear the moniker of, “Recession proof” and that means a lot. Consider controlling your work life instead of having it control you.

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