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We change lives through business transitions!

We guide our clients through a very detailed acquisition process that covers nine main areas. Careful attention to detail minimizes surprises for the new owner.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from Martinka Consulting services:

To see businesses not “on the market (yet)” and to see enough prospective sellers so you have a real choice. We do this by implementing an intensive search of the public and hidden market.
Not waste time on unqualified candidates (we’ll quick-screen them).
Give you complete knowledge before doing a deal by performing in-depth analysis and due diligence so there are no errors of omission.
Formulate win-win offers that address the seller’s hot buttons and concerns. A deal will come together faster and stay together.
Conduct positive negotiations leading to a friendly takeover, satisfied employees, and management who want to stay and contribute.
Construct a deal structure that will minimize your cash outflow, minimize taxes for sellers and create a smooth transition.
We find more businesses for our clients than they could ever find on their own. Searching doesn’t interrupt our day-to-day activities, as it is our day-to-day activity.
Our experience aids in structuring win-win deals and allows our clients to close deals at a rate over 10 times the national average (of all business buyers).
Our insight lets us quickly analyze and adjust financial reports, so you screen losers out fast.
We can use our appraisal skills to persuade the seller to accept a fair price and terms.
We know the questions to ask, and how to ask them, so you can quickly evaluate the non-financial factors that are critical to valuing a company.
Negotiations proceed calmly and smoothly because of our understanding of the dynamics of the buy/sell process. This permits our clients to get good deals done faster than otherwise.

For Business Buyers

You can’t buy a good business until you find one; many of them are never advertised or listed for sale.

Are you looking to escape the corporate world and take control of your life by buying a mature, profitable, and fairly priced business? Or perhaps you’re an owner wanting to jump-start growth via acquisition.

We offer complete services to both and have written the definitive guides, Buying A Business That Makes You Rich and Company Growth By Acquisition Makes Dollars & Sense. We work with our clients on all of the nine steps in our business buying process, starting with determining what types of companies to target, implementing a comprehensive search plan, and working through all the other aspects to get to a successful close.

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9 Steps To Business Buying

The bottom line is our clients find more businesses, find them faster and get a better deal with us on their team versus going it alone.



You can’t buy a business until you find one and we want to access 100% of the market not just the online listings. Preparation, quick screening out those you won’t buy, and building a relationship with the seller are key.


Our close relationships with funding sources and expertise in packaging a deal allow for a time saving process with high odds of success. Much of this has to do with the previous steps that screen out the losers.


Prior to detailed due diligence we analyze the financials, lease and other readily available information. This “stepped” process keeps our clients active and in front of the seller without being burdensome.

Valuation & Pricing

We have analyzed thousands of companies and subscribe to three sources of done deal comparable and pricing guidelines. It’s a lot more than pulling a multiple of earnings out of the air.

Deal Structure

The three components are price, terms and conditions. Both buyer and seller have their hot buttons and allowing both to walk away happy is a win-win deal.


When we wear the “black hat” our clients stay friendly with the seller, making the transition smooth and successful.

Due Diligence

Detailed questions about the company’s non-financial side including customers, supplier relations, marketing, employees, lease, competition and more. Due diligence is a time for confirmation, not discovery.

Transition Plan

The most overlooked part of the process and yet very important so you hit the ground running. Our transition template gets buyer and seller on the same page.


This is what it’s all about and yet it’s so much more complicated than buying a car or house. Getting through all the administrivia is what makes a timely and successful closing and we have checklists for all of this.

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