Growth By Aquisition

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19 reasons you should consider growing by acquisition*:

The cake – 16 solid reasons (in alphabetical order).

1.    Acquire great talent, including the seller

2.    Assets are cheaper as a package

3.    Competitive Advantage (fill a weakness)

4.    Dependencies reduced

5.    Diamonds in the rough

6.    Diversify your product offerings

7.    Easy money

8.    Integration is easier

9.    Location, location, location

10. Make a competitor go away

11. Psychology – Employees like to be part of a winner (growing firm), just like sports bandwagons

12. Risk, it’s a lot lower

13. Overhead the same, volume higher

14. Synergy

15. Technologies

16. Vendor relationship strategies

The icing – the top three

17. Customers (efficiency vs. make more calls)

18. Yes, we can!

19. The bigger you are…the better

* Selling your business? These are the top reasons another company may be interested in acquiring yours. And, this could be your best strategy to increase value prior to when you exit with style, grace, and more money™.

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