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We change lives through business transitions. Let us help you buy the right business the right way or exit with style, grace, and more money.™

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John Martinka

CEO, Founder

John Martinka is known as The Escape Artist® because of the work he does helping clients escape their current situations.
John is the author of four books on business buying and selling and has helped well over 100 clients get their deals done.

More About John Martinka

Jessica Martinka

Client & Business Development

Jessica has a wide and varied small business background and uses those experiences to help our clients. With Martinka Consulting and (our sister company) Nokomis Advisory Services, Inc., she enjoys helping clients buy or sell a business without losing their shirts.

More About Jessica Martinka

Business Buyers

You can’t buy a good business until you find one; many of them are never advertised or listed for sale.

There are two categories of business buyers. Individuals looking to escape the corporate world and take control of their life by buying a mature, profitable, and fairly priced business and owners wanting to jump-start growth via acquisition. We offer complete services to both and have written the definitive guides, Buying A Business That Makes You Rich and Company Growth By Acquisition Makes Dollars & Sense.

Call or email us to discuss the benefits of how we can help you locate, analyze, and structure a good deal on a great business.

Learn About Buying A Business

Business Owners

The Wall Street Journal said only 10% of businesses are prepared to sell for maximum value. You can do better.

Those not prepared will “Likely sell at a discount” (Kiplinger). Get our book If They Can Sell Pet Rocks Why Can’t You Sell Your Business (For What You Want)? and call us to discuss how you can maximize your business’ value so you can exit with style, grace, and more money.™ Our sister company, Nokomis Advisory Services, also offers complete sell-side representation services.

There’s a demographic change driving the market (a lot of owners getting older) and you want to be ahead of the curve. Not having an exit strategy means you have no strategy. Working hard for an income is great. Working hard for an income, legacy and a large upside is even better.

Exit Planning & Selling A Business

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From Our Clients

We want to thankyou for your support and sound counselas we worked to establish Silver Falls Capital and close our first acquisition. We movedquickly, even for us, and your support was instrumental to our success.

Jason Wilbur and Paul de la PortSilver Falls Capital (Bird Buffer and CITC)

When I think about the help you gave me with my hunt for a business, the value I received was not in the hours of help, but in the quality of help. You played a key role in helping me achieve my dream of owning a business. Thanks for everything!

Keith S. Jackson, PresidentIndustrial Revolution, Inc

Working with John has beenfantastic, a really great experience. We went througha lot, multiple deals and dodged a bullet on one deal. Everything John led me through and coached me on was applicable. [On my deal] we went from intro to closure in 2 ½ months. I give John credit for skilling me up so I could look at companies objectively and not over-analyze. I’m a very happy customer.

Joe Williams, CEOElmore Electric, Seattle, WA

It’s been great working with you John. I wanted an advisor tohelp me do a deal and you offered me much more. You challenged me on the business’s growth strategies and two years later you’re still adding tremendous value.

Rod Jones, PresidentBPS, Inc., Pacific,WA

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for your efforts. You are professional; you are honest; and you are efficient. As you know,I do lots of legal work in the acquisition and sale of businesses. I work with a lot of brokers and other people involved in the marketing of businesses for sale. You really stand above the others in your line of work. Thanks again for all your efforts.

Michael Larson, Attorney (and seller of a family business)Seattle, WA

We appreciated the fact that John is very knowledgeable in his field,and we felt very confident with his help. We recommend John’s services to anyone selling a business. His fee is well worth it. His service is excellent.

Richard and Judi MacIntoshPrint Media, Everett, WA
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