Ideal Client Referral - Characteristics

Typical Client Profile: A business buyer, seller, or future seller.

  1. A company owner needs to increase their business value (before selling)
  2. An owner looking for a large exit for their small business
  3. A business wanting to grow by acquisition
  4. Someone sick of the corporate world (or it’s sick of them) and has:
  • The guts to buy and own a business
  • The necessary amount of money for a down payment
  • The right skills for what they want i.e. can manage people, processes, money, and enthusiasm (to varying degrees)
  • A good personality


  1. Buyers–local, regional, and national
  2. Owners–greater Puget Sound area


  1. Profitable
  2. Industry agnostic
  3. Under $20 million in sales (usually $2-12 million)
  4. We want to work with nice people

Things to listen for:

  1. I want to sell my business
  2. I want to buy/own a business
  3. Retirement sounds good!
  4. I want to be my own boss
  5. I wish my vacation was two months, not one week
  6. I’m sick of the corporate bureaucracy

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