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Rod Jones, the owner, and CEO of BPS, Inc. discusses his experience working with John Martinka.

“We want to thank you for your support and sound counsel as we worked to establish Silver Falls Capital and close our first acquisition. We moved quickly, even for us, and your support was instrumental to our success.”

Jason Wilbur & Paul de la PortSilver Falls Capital (Bird Buffer & CITC)

“If you’re interested in buying a business you need to work with John Martinka. Buying a small business is different than anything you’ve done in the corporate world, even if you’ve done deals. Small business acquisition has a lot more subjectivity and a lot less rationality in the process. John is uniquely qualified to navigate these waters and help you reach your goals.”

Fred BarkmanManaging Member, Spectra Labs LLC

“Working with John has been fantastic, a really great experience. We went through a lot, multiple deals and dodged a bullet on one deal. Everything John led me through and coached me on was applicable. [On my deal] we went from intro to closure in 2 ½ months. I give John credit for skilling me up so I could look at companies objectively and not over-analyze. I’m a very happy customer.”

Joe WilliamsCEO Elmore Electric

“I met John at the early stages of this and he was instrumental in helping me through the process. In fact, I don’t think I could have done it without his experience and guidance. It’s a process and John gave me the guideposts. He’s an expert at helping clients identify objectives.”

Tom MillerPresident, Western Industrial Tooling

Testimonial from George Wu, Owner of Multiple Businesses

“You had something to so with the success of Imagine Home Interiors. You connected us with Bob. He connected us with Cindy and Rotary international in Durban South Africa, and I visited them while we are there.
That led to our picking botanicals in one of their gardens, which led to our botanical picking project in Ghana, which is one of my next trips.
So thank you for the connection, and Bob has become a very, very good friend over the years. I played tennis with him twice a week when he was in Seattle and now he stays at my place when he comes to Seattle. Thought you’d like to know that. Thanks John, you’re a good guy. You like to make connections and make this world a better place.”

John HoytCEO Picture Source and Imagine Home Interiors

“While the process was at times slow and frustrating – mostly due to my own actions – your advice and direction kept me moving forward and ensured that I could identify and discard the chaff and focus on the companies that warranted serious consideration.
My interests were your interests, my concerns were your concerns, and in the end the team approach contributed to closing what I regard as a fair and equitable deal. The ability to have you available to use as a sounding board to toss things around with when things got tense and emotional in the negotiation process proved to be an added benefit for me.
Should a person be committed to purchasing a business, I would without hesitation recommend that they work with you.”

Matthew P. FinniganDesigner, President, National Concrete Cutting Inc.

“John successfully acted as my advisor/investment banker to help my buy a >$10MM operating business. John is extremely well connected in this market place in Washington, is well regarded by other service providers, resulting in strong deal flow. John also has a unique method of finding available businesses, which often results in a great transaction for all parties. I strongly recommend working with John and would use his services again in a minute.”

Bill TennesonPresident, Downstream Partners, Inc

“When I think about the help you gave me with my hunt for a business, the value I received was not in the hours of help, but in the quality of help. You played a key role in helping me achieve my dream of owning a business. Thanks for everything!”

Keith S. JacksonPresident, Industrial Revolution, Inc.

Joe Williams of Elmore Electric describes his experience and how John Martinka helped Joe find the right deal at the right time for all parties.

Bob Brencic, CEO of Trestle Community Management, the buyer of two property management firms, discusses his experience working with John Martinka.

“Thanks for helping me find and acquire On Screen Entertainment. It all sounded so straightforward. Buy a business; and I would have bought a business… doing something foolish. But I was fortunate enough to find John Martinka. Your advice throughout the due diligence process, things to watch out for, what needs to be validated and verified helped me put together an offer which was fair to the seller and fair to me.”

Craig YorkOn Screen Entertainment

“I wanted to thank you for the work you did for us in the acquisition of CRGI. You helped facilitate resolution when the emotions of the two sides got personal and irrational. You assisted us along the way to make sure the right questions were being asked. Your assessment templates were invaluable. I highly recommend that others take advantage of your services and processes.”

Ken KeisPresident & CEO, Consulting Resource Group International

“I knew that I did not want to work for another corporation and that I wanted my own business. No problem. I would just retain you and you would give me a list of several companies that I could buy (even though you told me that was not the way it worked).
Reality struck pretty quickly and I acquired a great amount of knowledge from you during this process. If anyone thought that buying their first business after they retire from their first career may not be a good idea – THEY ARE WRONG! It is the BEST decision that I have ever made. Here are some tips:

• Rely on John’s experience and support.
• You get out of the search what you put into it.
• Ask John to be present during the important meetings with perspective sellers.
• If you do buy a business – listen to John. Everything that he told me would happen in a business with new owners has happened.
John, I can honestly say that your fee was the best investment that I have ever made. I would not own this business today without your support.”

Bob GordonManaging Member, Dental Professionals

“I have just written the final check for the balance of your services. I wanted to formally acknowledge:

• The high quality and unbiased nature of your counsel regarding my recent business search and acquisition
• Your assistance in finding the right business, the right location, the right price and the right structure.
• The value of finding motivated sellers that have not enlisted a sellers’ broker (the untapped market).
• Your sage leadership in difficult situations during the negotiation and due diligence of the transaction.
• The immeasurable value of having a “buyer’s advocate.”
• The substantial value of your services versus the investment. The ROI is substantially positive.

After spending (wasting) a great deal of time reviewing local and national broker listings and kicking tires, I was referred to you.. Once I enlisted your services, my search for a qualified business went into high gear and the quality of the opportunities were excellent. I am a believer in your process and your abilities. You found the business that fit me to a tee (type, location, price, terms) and supported me without hesitation throughout the entire transaction.”

Tim RileyPresident, Wilson Distribution