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I walked into the local hair cutting place the other day and received the same greeting I get every time I’m there, “Are you here for a haircut?”

“No, I’m here for a pet goldfish,” is what I’m tempted to reply. The place only does hair, they don’t do nails, massages or anything else.  All you have to do is look at me and you’ll realize I don’t get my hair colored, foiled, permed or anything else.

Sometimes the obvious is too obvious. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to what we do as seen through the eyes of our customers. Or maybe the ears of our customers as I realized recently when calling a company. The voice attendant took me through about 10 options, by department, before letting me know what I needed to dial for any specific people or a directory. I wonder if they would like their salespeople to be waiting so long to get reach customers or vendors.

Every time I experience something like the above I think about how easy I am to access and how easy it is for people to figure out what I do. These lessons are around us everywhere. All we have to do is learn from others mistakes.

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