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I recently gave a talk on, “Dramatically Increasing the Value of your Business.” One of my topics is about how growth plans get sabotaged by the lack of implementation. The fact is, we often get caught up in the day-to-day and long-term plans get waylaid.

I go on to say that when implementing you have to pay attention to the right details. This means don’t get bogged down on the 80% that doesn’t really matter.

That same day, the Wall Street Journal had an article about how athletes are really getting into micro-details to help improve performance. No matter what sport, they are using special motion-analysis software to help them improve what they do.

This is paying attention to the right details. They are looking for little things that make someone at the top of their profession even better. You can contrast that with the “big” details coaches teach to youth athletes, which may be hold the bat a certain way, bring your arm back further when you throw, etc

Look at where you are in your business and determine the right details for your top initiatives. The chances are they are big details, like taking action, but make sure you pay attention to the right details.

“Finishing second in the Olympics gets you silver. Finishing second in politics gets you oblivion.” Richard Nixon

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