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We’ve been planning our annual Rotary project trip to Antigua for which our matching grant was just approved and funded. After being there five times we have some special memories of the kids, schools and people we work with.

One of the things we always look forward to is one of the cooks at our hotel, Orlan, who is a master at making omelets. He has four or five going at any one time, waits until the right moment and flips them about a foot or two in the air and catches them in the pan.

I don’t know if you’ve ever flipped omelets but you don’t flip them tentatively, you have to be aggressive. If you’re cautious you end up with scrambled eggs not an omelet. A short, slow flip doesn’t generate enough velocity to get the eggs out of the pan far enough to do a 180.

The same with business (and life). If you’re not bold, not aggressive and not quick you usually don’t get the results you want. This doesn’t mean be reckless. It means plan your actions, move on them and do so with vigor.

“At a certain age it’s better to look up than look down.” Penny Marshall

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