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My kids gave me an atomic clock from LaCrosse Technologies for my birthday last year. It started “eating” batteries, going through a battery every two months when they are supposed to last one year or more.

I documented how often I had to replace the battery, called their tech support line, the nice lady had me “reset” the clock, gave me a case number, told me it would be on warranty even after the warranty expired because of the situation and to call back if the problem persisted.

The problem persisted so I called back and the guy I talked to had a completely different attitude. He wouldn’t honor the warranty, even with the case number, and told me to ship the clock to them with a check for $25 for repairs. Really? I can buy a new clock on Amazon for less than the shipping plus repairs.

This is not good customer service. In fact, it’s horrible. Why would I trust their products anymore? Word of mouth marketing is the best there is. It also applies to bad experiences.

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