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Ever wonder what world some people live in? Ever wonder if your clients or customers ask what world you live in? Consider the following:

  • I’m in a line for coffee while at our Rotary district conference. First, the lady who just got her coffee (some fancy 19 ingredient conglomeration) tastes it, calls the barista, asks for more vanilla soy milk because, “it’s too strong.” Come on, it’s a coffee drink. Shouldn’t you want to taste some coffee?
  • Then, a young lady walks around the people behind me to the other side of the register to order something. Did she think the line was for everybody but her? Was she that oblivious to the environment?
  • Then there are the people who walk four abreast, slowly, down the sidewalk or trail. And don’t move over when others approach them, much less worry about people behind them wanting to walk faster (like me).
  • Finally, the annoying people who charge into a (mostly) full elevator (or airport shuttle train) directly in the way of those wanting to exit.

I see these things regularly. They annoy me, but only to the point of writing about them, as I don’t let them bother me and it always reminds me to not be like this, especially in business. Be aware of all surroundings, take care of your customers, those who refer people to you and those who help your customers so they don’t get annoyed with you like I get annoyed by the above things.

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” Author Terry Pratchett



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