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In the last week I’ve heard two contradictory opinions about the current state of the economy, both from smart people who need to be abreast of current conditions.

One person stated that though his business was strong, he was very pleased because of the still-tough economy. The other person discussed how the market was at 15,000, housing was taking off, car sales are solid, etc.

Let me offer my street-level perspective on how the economy is doing, at least in the Seattle area. It’s very good. I see this in the number of prospective clients I have, flurry of buy-sell deals and how my clients are doing. More important, here is a true indicator; the place where I get my hair cut has raised their prices twice in the last year or so. First they raised them 11% and less than a year later raised them another 15%. That’s a 28% increase in less than two years. Things must be going pretty well.

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