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Craig Williamson is the owner of MM Comfort Systems in Redmond, WA. Craig purchased the company about four years ago and has done well. Here’s a short story about MM Comfort Systems.

As a heating and air conditioning company, MM Comfort Systems likes it when temperatures run hot and cold. The bigger the swings the better.

Curiously however, just the opposite of “big swings” accounts for enduring success of the business. It more of a “steady as she goes” approach around an unwavering set of core principles. At the core is a belief business is about service. If a company consistently serves needs of employees and customers the business will be rewarded. It is about conducting business in a manner that honors everyone it touches. Do this and profits will follow.

It is also about having a clear strategy and running a tight ship. For MM Comfort Systems strategy involves a balanced portfolio of revenue streams – residential new construction, residential retrofit / replacement, light commercial construction / retrofit, service agreement base and an exceptional service business. Over time, each business segment takes a turn as “hero” and then again “goat”. A balance portfolio reduces risk and allows career path diversity for employees.

The tight ship element involves “closed loop” measurement and reporting of metrics most important to success. Results are meaningful and shared at team and individual levels. With a little success and encouragement people take personal ownership of results – having some fun along the way.

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