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In many industries, especially in the buy-sell world, the term “win-win deal’ is often thrown around. That said, most people want an, “I win more than you win” deal. Whether it’s a power play, ego, or the want of a higher commission, it happens, in all industries.

When you adhere to Rotary’s Four-Way Test including, “Is it fair to all concerned” you get messages like the one below.

We met several years ago when you were advising a client of yours on the potential acquisition of one of my businesses.

I was always impressed with your direction, demeanor, and fairness during this transaction.  One of our other businesses is in the early stages of evaluating an acquisition of a business that is not for sale and would like to talk to you about some guidance and the services you provide.  

A win-win deal is one where both sides are equally unhappy but realize it was fair to all concerned. Of course, everybody wants the best deal possible but in my world, the absolute best deal is usually a done deal, which is why my newsletter, events, and more are titled, “Getting the Deal Done.” Do this and you’ll increase your chances of having people on the other side want to do business with you.

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