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When It’s Fun All is Good

By January 3, 2024No Comments

A couple Sunday’s ago our granddaughter was over to walk the dogs. At some point in the conversation, she said (and imagine a long groooooan), “Tomorrow’s Monday and it’s the worst day of the week because I have to go back to school.” FYI, this is a girl who loves school.

After asking audiences hundreds of times why they wanted to own a business maybe 1-2% of the time did I hear the right answer, to have fun, to love what you do, etc.

Business ownership can be tough, you put up with a lot from employees, customers, the government, and more. You better have a smile on your face because the alligators are always nipping at you. But you do get to control them, doing it your way.

Sunday nights I tend to have a lot of thoughts about what I want to do Monday. So many I need to write them down lest I forget. Mondays are exciting. If your Mondays aren’t exciting, or if someone you know thinks it’s the worst day of the week, change is in order.

  • Change your job.
  • Leave your job for business ownership.
  • Sell your business.

And move on to your next great adventure in life.

“Whatever you have just done is not nearly as important as what you are doing right now.” Mike Krzyzewski