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Don’t Dismiss the Balance Sheet

By December 20, 2023No Comments

During a meeting last week, I made the comment, “The Balance Sheet is more important than the Profit & Loss statement.” A stunned look of surprise appeared on the other person’s face, and I felt that reaction was because of his thinking, “How can it be more important than what tells you a company’s income?”

This ties in with my being a guest on Jon Stoddard’s podcast ( and Jon being on ours ( We discussed the balance sheet and here are some reasons why it’s important:

  • It provides a picture of a company’s short-term obligations. Example, net income of $1 million, only $33,000 in the bank, AR and AP about equal leads one to believe the owner is bleeding the company.
  • It shows how the company manages debt.
  • Asset replacement is visible. Example, a high asset business (say 10 trucks, which wear out), no change in the asset base over the last five years, meaning a lot of cap ex on the way.
  • Is the company properly recording work in process, customer deposits, gift cards (if retail)?
  • How is cash flow managed and when looking year-over-year, what is the working capital need.?

Jon and I both laughed discussing how we both look at the net income line on both the P&L and the balance sheet to see if they match. You’d be surprised how often in-house statements don’t match.

Know the balance sheet and you’ll know the company’s financial standing and overall performance.

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