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We had just begun a multi-hour car trip, tuned the radio to XM’s Bruce Springsteen station, and they were starting a replay of one of his concerts, from Seattle! As they play these concerts they promote the website,, where you can buy entire concerts (at reasonable prices).

To the best of my knowledge the Grateful Dead were the ones who took it a step further and started not requiring all content to be paid for (albums, tapes, CDs, etc.). (Just look how it’s proliferated on YouTube.) They encouraged fans to record shows and share the bootleg recordings. On the other hand, I understand keeping tight reins on content like movies where the only way to make money is via ticket sales or DVD or streaming rental or purchase. But if the objective of the content is to sell concert tickets, services, or something else, the more (free content) the merrier.

For the Kindle version of my books I allow readers to share with others. I’m glad to have people share what I’ve written or said (as long as the attribute it to me).

Think about this for your business. What can you put out in the world that will lead to more business? Have a problem with your garage door, appliance, vehicle, plumbing or electrical? There are tons of YouTube videos on how to solve the problem.

Become the expert and then let others know you’re the expert.  Because, for every person who can figure out how to do something via a YouTube video, your book, or anything else, there are multitudes who will need your help.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” (Zen master) Shunryu Suzuki

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