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According to Harris Interactive, one-third of American workers say they will search for a new job once the economy gets better. Almost half of those job hunters have experienced a loss of trust in their employers.

This couples with other 2010 studies that while workloads have increased, almost two–thirds of workers feel their extra efforts, at stagnant pay, aren’t appreciated.
Most people reading this will think that it’s the rank and file at large corporations that feel this way. Let’s not kid ourselves; it’s an issue with small business employees also.

Here’s three recent examples of what I mean, all from companies doing under $10,000,000 in sales.

1. “An incentive plan for bringing in more sales? The employees should be glad they have a job.” This was said in private. Other comments were not in private and had the employees scared the boss would even come near their department. Without change, and their was change, these employees would be leaving once the job market opens up.
2. A survey of management by a new owner had comments like, “It’s nice to be listened to” and, “The company’s greatest weakness just walked out the door” (the seller). Imagine if the company didn’t change hands. How long would these people put up with being treated with disrespect?
3. In an organization that is like the Three Musketeers, one for all and all for one, any “community” has been destroyed by the president who dictates not collaborates and always knows a better way; which infers all other ways are wrong.

Contrast that with MM Comfort Systems, a recent client profile on this blog and my newsletter. Craig has built a team and let the team “do their thing.” Capable people have a tendency to get things done when given the chance and when treated with respect.

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