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Avoid having to have a story – 80% of it probably is (it is my opinion on the 80%; not the result of any survey). Do all the things you need to do the business is, “What you see is what you get” or as said in the high-tech industry WYSIWYG.

Be Proactive – Don’t let others dictate your future. Plan, prepare and take action by following your plan. And don’t forget to document everything you do, what worked, what didn’t and why.

Build a team – Have smart and talented people around you. They more than pay for themselves. One company hired two new salespeople whose base salary was twice what they had ever paid before. It was a tough decision; however, within a few months both people were off base and into commission – because they had talent. Don’t feel threatened. Most employees don’t want ownership and if they do, they may be your built-in exit strategy.

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