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One of the more interesting outdoor things one can do is go fishing with a guide. You not only can learn a lot but it’s fun to observe their culture. The best guides are enjoyable to be with, educate you and know the best places to fish.

Whether the guide is quiet and serious or talkative and fun they have their catch phrases. My favorite three are:

  • “Boy have they been biting the last couple of days.”
  • “The fish don’t bite the day after a cold front comes in (substitute warm front, rain or any other weather condition, and this is always said after you’re done fishing and they’re paid).”
  • [After a fish gets off the line] “That’s why they call it fishing not catching.”

I mention this because we all have our stock phrases. I hear a lot of the same things from bankers, as they all have similar criteria for making loans.

I have my lines that I find myself saying without even thinking about them because they’ve become so natural. I’m sure you do too. When we sound relaxed and comfortable it lets others know we’re competent.

As I’ve helped others get into the consulting business one of the top things I stress is to get to the point so you don’t sound like you’re reciting a script. In other words, be yourself and know your stuff.

“Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it.’ Lily Tomlin  

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