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It’s football season and as part of that we’re into replays, challenges and a lot of slow motion. I’ve always found it interesting that when announcers, usually former players, talk about how the game slows down for the better players. You hear this in football, baseball and other sports.

In other words, the pace of the game doesn’t overwhelm the best players. It’s like being in an accident when you can see it coming as the world appears to move slower.

Good advice for what we do everyday. Every so often we need to put ourselves into slow motion so things around us move slower and we can do a better job on those tasks we do. Often this means don’t try to do everything because you’ll move so fast implementing that mistakes will be made.

Here’s an example. I’m currently working with a client on getting him to better share ideas with his management team, seriously listen to their input and delegate more. When he doesn’t do these things an avoidable urgency is created, everyone has to move (too) fast, there’s no plan (just get it done) and things aren’t done correctly. This lowers efficiency and productivity.

The value to a company when the owner, and management, does this is huge and increases the overall value of the business.

“Slow down, you move to fast. You’ve got to make the morning last.” Simon and Garfunkel 

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