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I received a call from a salesperson at a company from whom I had requested information. We went over a few things, she answered some of my questions and then she asked me what my timeframe was.

I replied that I wouldn’t be ready for the next steps for about 8 weeks and asked that she call me after Labor Day. Her reply was not typical. She said, “I’m required to make contact with all my prospects at least every six weeks so I’ll call or email you then.”

Sales, or the lack of sales, is a stumbling block in many companies. It’s slowing up, if not preventing, the sale of a company that I know. It’s a concern of a majority of business owners. Poor sales, poor salespeople, not enough activity, etc.

It was refreshing to hear that at least one company has activity requirements for their salespeople. As I’ve said for years, the best advice a sales manager can give their people is to, “Make one more call.” It works because it means 250 more contacts every year. It’s hard not to have good things happen if you’re talking to that many (more) people.

“Action is the antidote to despair.” Joan Baez

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