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Over the summer, California experienced electricity brownouts and power outages when demand peaked. The reported reason why is because the State forced power companies to invest in renewable power sources and not traditional sources (fossil fuel or nuclear) so when the sun went down and power consumption was still high the systems crashed.

I believe climate change is real and has been greatly amplified by all the CO2 we put into the air. That said, I found it ironic that California recently banned the sale of gas engines by 2035 without a  mandated increase in power generation because with 11% of the US’s vehicles in California it could get interesting (let’s hope the batteries dramatically improve, there are hydrogen powered cars, etc.).

This is basic planning. It requires forethought, not just passion. And it’s what separates good businesses from the not-so-good. Selling more than you can deliver on time is usually worse than not selling enough. Not having a plan to buy or sell a business is also disastrous. 

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