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One of our family members is a fanatic watcher of The Office. He says he’s seen each episode dozens of time (perhaps a little hyperbole here). The Office and Dilbert are similar in that they both have a clueless boss, a sneaky co-worker, the paranoid person, and the nice “mom type” person.

Just like real life. In big business and small business. It’s called culture and it’s what CEOs and owners. are concerned about, or at least should be. It’s part of government too, as we’re seeing with all the stories of harassment, of all types (in government and in large firms).

There’s stuff going on at Google, the Seattle Times just had an article on the non-advancement of women at Microsoft, I look across the lake to Seattle and see any and every unsuccessful group blaming others (and the Seattle government jumping on the cause and looking for money to help them), and across the country the news always seems to have something about strippers, porn stars, and prostitutes.

Do you think it’s any wonder why so many people think about owning their own business?

When you own the business, you can create (or fix) the culture so it’s done your way. The large corporate/government politics and similar can go away. It’s one reason a lot of people choose to work for a small business even though the total comp package may not be the same as at a large corporation. Because whether you’re an owner or an employee there can be a lot more important things than the money.

“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” Michael Scott on The Office

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