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We live in the age of instant communication. We also live in the age of someone with a microphone just about everywhere. Mitt Romney found it out in 2012 and recently in the Seattle ares two fire district commissioners got in hot water when they made comments about controlling the budget by hiring Mexican firefighters because they can pay them less.

What we can learn from this is any communication can travel fast. I recently posted an article on LinkedIn and within an hour I had a call and an email about it (and more later).

It shows that even though there is so much information out there, if it’s of value it gets noticed. Why so many newsletters, like this one? Because people get them, read them, like them, etc. Why a lot of comments on LinkedIn posts (and especially Facebook posts, even the inane ones)? Same answer.

You sustain this by providing value. Posting someone else’s catchy saying or inspirational message online takes nothing more than perusing the Internet and doing some copy and paste. Taking the time to offer value makes people realize you know what the heck you’re doing.

Whether you provide advice as I do, sell an industrial product, or provide a service, stand out in a noisy world by giving people worthwhile information. It’s worth the little bit of extra time versus copying someone else’s work.

“Diplomacy is the art of telling plain truths without giving offense.” Winston Churchill

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