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On September 20, I’ll be again volunteering to teach my class, “Dynamically Growing a Consulting Business” at the local SBA/SCORE office. It’s always an opportunity to remind myself the things I’m recommending to the students are the things I should be always doing myself, especially to enjoy what you’re doing.

Last week in a newsletter from Alan Weiss he wrote how he always asks coaching clients, “Are you having fun?” And, how many of them don’t like that because they think if you’re hard-charging up the corporate ladder or running your business it’s work not fun.

But it better be fun. On page one of my book, Buying A Business That Makes You Rich, I cover the top nine reasons people in audiences give me on why they want to be in business for themselves (whether it’s buy, start, or get a franchise). Then I tell them the number one reason should be to have FUN, which is mentioned maybe 2% of the time.

When business is good, it’s always more fun. When there are challenges they are at least your challenges and you control how to deal with them. But being in control doesn’t mean you are by yourself on the decision-making island.

As the video below covers, you do better with an advisory board or board of directors (or a business coach). Being in business can be lonely, that’s why there are scores of roundtable groups, coaches, and advisory boards. Use the one most appropriate for you.

“No matter how dirty your past is, your future is still spotless.” Drake

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