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Okay sports fans, this is for you. From early December 2010 through 2011 the Green Bay Packers had a magical run. They won 21 of 22 games and a Super Bowl Championship. In 2012 they’ve struggled to get in sync, at least through the first five weeks, and then week six was a dominating performance as they scored 42 points (and week seven was pretty close as they scored 30 points).

After their sixth game, 2011 MVP and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers was asked about the troubles they’ve been having, especially in light of, as one reporter said, “last year you made it look so easy.” Rodgers glared and said, very directly, “it was never easy.”

He’s absolutely right! What any of us make look easy is because of all the hard work behind the scenes. Actors, musicians and athletes all practice the little things so when they hit their stage those little things come together for a great performance.

Great salespeople practice, prepare and pay attention what they say and do. Great operations managers study, refine and manage their people and equipment. Great leaders have learned how to motivate people, create a culture of growth and let their (great employees) do their thing.

“It was never easy.” Aaron Rodgers

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