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Here is a story that is one of many poor customer-service experiences I’ve had at our family cabin. You’d think small-town businesses in an area greatly and negatively affected by the recession would be more customer service oriented.

Last year I had my mountain bike tuned-up and it came back in worse shape than when I brought it in. This was the last chance for this shop so I drove a longer distance to another bike shop. When I picked up the bike the owner asked me if my hands fall asleep when riding, to which I answered yes.

He told me the bike was too small for me. I told him the shop owner in the other city told me it was the right size bike for me, and at that point his young mechanic chimed in with, “I used to work for him. He probably had it in stock and wanted to sell it. He’d do anything for a buck.” Well, he won’t get any more of my bucks.

It’s hard to get a new customer. It’s a lot easier to keep to them. It’s almost impossible to get one back, as the above shows.

“One must learn to be silent just as one must learn to talk.” Victoria Wolff

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