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The little things around us have a big impact.

What triggered this train of thought was two things.

On November 4 710ESPN sports announcer Danny O’Neil spoke to my Rotary Club. He mentioned how sports can bring a community together. Most issues, including politics, are put on the back-burner when we’re all cheering for our team.

Last year our local weekly paper, The Kirkland Reporter, had a front-page picture of the mayor and county council person cutting a ribbon to open a new ballot drop off box (we have 100% voting by mail or drop off in Washington, no day-of at the polls).

The latter reminded me of all my Rotary trips to Antigua where they will do a ribbon cutting, ceremony, grand opening of any and everything. Filled with a lot of speeches, of course. They celebrate the little things, together.

I know we have issues in this country, many people are poor, suffering, etc. But no matter what the politicians say to exaggerate things, life is pretty good when the majority of people have the time and energy to follow sports, entertainment, have small ceremonies, and similar. It’s a lot better than dodging bombs and bullets, living under authoritarian dictators, or face daily, severe, lack-of-food circumstances.

“November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.” Emily Dickinson

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