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We were spending New Year’s week in Scottsdale, Arizona and one day while walking around we stopped for lunch at a Blimpies. Two things became quickly obvious:

  •  The people running the shop are immigrants.
  • They are truly owner-operators, working in the business, making sandwiches and doing what it takes to be successful.

I commented to my wife that it reminds me of when we go to Seattle Mariners baseball games. It’s a must to have peanuts at a baseball game and we make it a point to buy from the entrepreneurs selling from their booths outside the stadium. These are people doing what it takes to make or supplement their living.

The examples above are in sharp contrast to the type of entrepreneur who gets an idea, raises money and hopes to get rich. Yet both types of entrepreneurs are creating income and wealth (and tax dollars) and should be commended. As we plan for the year we should be asking ourselves what we can do to create more, for others and ourselves.

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