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Seattle Publishing (SP) began in 1972 as The Great Bicycle Conspiracy, a publication created to cover the widespread popularity of cycling in the Pacific Northwest. In 1988 the company began aiding event organizers by handling the creation of event-related publications. With experience, patience, and expertise, Seattle Publishing launched publishing campaigns that helped expand major events, such as the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.

By 1994, SP began tackling publishing projects outside of the bicycle market and a few years later, one such project further catalyzed the business’s growth. The Black Dollar Days Task Force wished to publish an African American Business Directory in a comprehensive yet cost-effective manner. Seattle Publishing elected to flow the Directory’s information via a database to a desk-top publishing application, this was the same technology SP had developed for as the newspaper’s event calendar. This new process proved rapid, economical, and accurate. Now SP is in it’s 14th year of publishing the directory.

By 1998, another milestone was reached when Seattle Bike Supply, a national wholesale distributor, aspired to flow their annual catalog with 200 pages of formatted text and photos. Seattle Publishing accepted the challenge, ultimately creating what is now its flagship product, the Gutenberg Publishing System®.

Today, Seattle Publishing’s provides publishing and development services to a wide-variety of clients representing the marine, tourism, wholesale, retail, and hardware industries. Clients find both savings in time and resources by relying on our ideas and experience for seamless execution of their projects.

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