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CREO Industrial Arts is a specialty fabricator based in Everett, WA specializing in high-end architectural signage for large properties such as Retail & Mixed Use Developments, Hotels and Resorts, Casinos, Hospitals, etc. CREO also fabricates custom specialty items such as street furniture, sculptures, custom light fixtures, and public art. CREO does work throughout the U.S., and has done several projects outside the country as well in places like Hong Kong, Dubai, Mexico and the Bahamas.
CREO is widely recognized by the architecture and design community as a high-quality fabricator capable of taking on the largest, most complex signage and graphics projects. After the change of ownership in 2006, the Company focused on formalizing core business processes, providing specific goals and objectives for managers of each department, and realigning the staff so that key personnel lead the most important aspects of the business. The Company also broadened its sales channels and dramatically expanded its network of design partners.

As a result, CREO tripled the revenues of the business within the first 2 years of being acquired. After a challenging 2009, the Company is enjoying solid performance thus far in 2010 and looks forward to growing, both organically and through acquisition, in the months and years to come.

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