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Build a Relationship – Make a Great Impression

By November 8, 2023No Comments

Anybody who’s read, or even skimmed, our books know we stress how there’s no deal (of any kind not just buy-sell) when there’s no relationship. And relationships start at the first meeting and at first sight.

Gallup reported only 3% of U.S. workers wear “business professional attire.” Men split equally between business casual, casual street clothes, and uniforms. The U.S. Senate just dropped its dress code, in deference to one senator, creating opposition from both parties and all kinds of outside experts.

I learned in the National Speakers Association to always dress one notch above your audience. We don’t expect our banker or lawyer to be in shorts and flip-flops. The same applies to all professionals and salespeople.

When a business buyer meets a seller, they need to look the part. This means don’t show up in a suit to a machine shop or in shorts to a professional office environment.

For sellers it goes double. Not just how you dress but the facility’s appearance. As I’ve written before, a machine shop that looks like you can eat off its floor sure is more attractive than a business where you don’t want to touch any (grimy) surface. And speaking of senators…

“My respect for our recent crop of senators isn’t overweening; I would trade my own two for any two members of the Chicago Cubs bullpen.” Professor and author Joseph Epstein