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Technology: Use it Before it Abuses You

By November 1, 2023No Comments

When used correctly technology can make life better, when used incorrectly it decreases productivity. I felt good recently when the owner of a $100 million company told me they don’t use a CRM as it’s too cumbersome for what they need (I don’t use one for the same reason).

Here are three things I’ve noticed about technology:

  • The Wall Street Journal wrote about how the IRS gets data from ticket resellers to see who resold tickets for more than $600. My son did so, he asked if this would trigger an audit, and I replied, “We’re being constantly audited by technology (so you might want to report the gain).”
  • Of course, the more things change the more they stay the same. is a community of (supposed) business buyers. Thirty years ago, the same “buyers” would answer business-for-sale ads in the paper for years without taking action. Now they can publicly ask questions and give comments without taking action.

On the flip side, we did a podcast with Malcolm Peace who’s bought two companies and looks for legacy business where technology can improve efficiency and productivity.

Use tech as it should be used and it’s a huge benefit.

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