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Don’t you wish you could have a PR machine like Russell Wilson? For the last couple of weeks he’s been a regular story in the Seattle Times, on radio stations, TV, online, and the mayor of New Orleans did a video encouraging him to get a trade to the Saints. All he did was complain about the Seahawks offensive philosophy and how he gets hit so darn much.

Now, none of us are as well-known or popular as him but it shows what “Word of mouth marketing” can do. Especially when you offer value like a business tip (not a cut and paste from someone else). One of the things I’ve recently realized is, more than ever (this is my tip), it’s tough to overdo marketing, especially online. There is so much clutter (much of it from large corporations) that you have to be constant and consistent. I have a tough time finding posts from those I know and respect so I know it’s tough for others to regularly find me.

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