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My son and his wife just had an offer accepted on a house, pending the inspection. Last fall they had an offer accepted on a different house but the house failed the inspection. Over the last few months they realized that they wanted to live in a different area than where the first house is; in an area with an easier commute and closer to the outdoor activities they like. The failed inspection was a blessing in disguise.

A client just had a deal die. My comment after the meeting where the deal met its fatal end was, “The owner is bipolar.” Maybe it was good it died. I told him the above story about my son and the following two more stories:

A couple years ago a client wanted to buy a very small business. His attorney and I couldn’t figure out why. When the deal didn’t happen I told him he would look back at this and be glad (the deal collapsed). Sure enough, within two months we met the owner of the business he bought. It was bigger, had a lot more profit and is much more scalable.

Last fall another client had a seller change his mind after we thought we were close. One month later the business he bought showed up. It’s bigger, more profitable (and therefore higher priced) and has grown every year during the recession. The buyer and seller have a fantastic relationship and it’s a win-win situation.

Things often happen for a reason and often it’s a good reason.

“The key to success isn’t much good until one discovers the right lock to insert it in.” Chinese lecturer Tehyi Hsieh

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