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Over the years I have “joked” that half of my job is being a counselor or a quasi-therapist. I hear family secrets, I’ve been told about marital problems, upcoming divorces and life-threatening illnesses before anybody other than close family members.

Having a confidante is important in life. We all have them whether it be a spouse, close friend or advisor.

As a consultant and coach I’ve learned that my clients need someone with whom they can share, vent or lament. It may be tough to tell your team you’re frustrated because new ideas aren’t flowing or being implemented fast enough (because they make take it as a reflection on their work).

Telling it to an outsider gets the frustration out of their system and provides feedback to improve the situation. In one recent case the owner can’t discuss his exit plans with his GM because he’s afraid the GM will “sabotage” or slow down the process out of fear of a change in (the GM’s) employment.

Find someone you can trust, whether family, friend or advisor and use that person.

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