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Recently I hosted my annual client breakfast with guest speak Robbie Bach ( Robbie was a top executive at Microsoft and is the author of Xbox Revisited, A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal.
I won’t steal Robbie’s thunder (buy the book, all proceeds go to charity) but will provide a short summary. FYI, he and a business partner are also the owners of Manini’s , a gluten free pasta manufacturer.

I’ll break his talk into three sections.

First, think strategy first by following the three P’s: Purpose, Principles, and Priorities. He stated you should be able to state your purpose in one sentence, your principles are your roadmap for success, and your priorities allow you to achieve your purpose.
Don’t have more than five priorities as you won’t get more than five done, and the top three are always the most important. Simplicity is the key; people get simplicity! And be able to say no, especially to prospective customers who don’t fit your model.
Second, innovation and there are three components, B-X-T.
  1. Business decisions can create innovation. Ask what you are doing and how you’re selling it. Apple upended the music business by selling 99-cent songs.
  2. EXperience – ask how you can change the customer’s experience.
  3. Technology – who can provide the technology for you? You don’t have to do it yourself.

Third, leadership – determine what you are really good at and surround yourself with people who fill your weaknesses. Above all, leadership requires grit so you can persevere through challenges. Leadership also means stepping back and asking (yourself and your team), “If we dreamed, what would we do differently?” Then do two or three of your dreams.

“People who are wrapped up in themselves make small packages.” Benjamin Franklin

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