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In 2002 a study showed that 50% of workers were unhappy with their jobs. In 2011 when I mention this to audiences and ask what they think the number is now the answers start at 80%.

In 2010 a Met Life study said that 40% of workers said their workload had increased in the last year. The Economist published a study saying 63% of workers don’t feel appreciated.

Numerous studies have indicated that as the economy recovers from the Great Recession a very high percentage of people will be looking for a new job.

Some will find that better job and some will realize that “a job is a job is a job” and will gravitate to owning their own business. For people with management and leadership experience, buying a business is the best way to get into business. You walk into nice things like cash flow, profits, market share, customers, structure and a proven team.

Put together unhappy workers, an uncaring corporate environment and qualified buyers (qualified with money and skills) and you have all the makings of a large number of buyers.

Well, at least sellers should hope so. Because another study (a big four CPA firm) states that 2/3 of businesses with sales of $5-50,000,000 will change hands in the next decade. A lot of buyers, a lot of sellers, it could be interesting.

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