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We All Get Jaded

By April 12, 2023No Comments

We recently got back from two weeks in Antigua working in the schools (at least on weekdays). After doing these projects for so many years it often feels like work – because it is work. Grant applications, logistics for 25 people, a six-figure budget with oversight from multiple entities and people, etc.

But then you hear about teachers crying when they get computers for their classroom, principals crying when their school is wired for Wi-fi, and people not involved saying what a great project it is, for both the recipients and the high school students we bring along for on-the-job training.

The same thing happens with what we do. It’s why people get sick of the corporate world and want their own business. It’s why owners need to do something else after 20, 30, 40, or more years of ownership.

What I like about our business is the constant variety. Every client project, every deal, every day is different. And we know we make a difference, as our tag line says, “Changing lives via business transitions.”

I know many of you feel the same way about how you help others, whether it’s by creating jobs, advising on legal, tax, finance, or other areas.

“It’s a real moment of maturation to say, ‘My time here is short – what can I do the most beautifully?’” George Saunders

“They say golf is like life, but don’t believe them. Golf is more complicated than that.” Gardner Dickinson