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Increasing Value

The Government Won’t Do It

By August 30, 2023No Comments

I was already to write this memo on a different subject (see it next week) when I browsed the WSJ and read Andy Kessler’s column. He compared protest songs over the last 60 years to actually getting things done. He then wrote this:

“It’s each individual’s hard work, sweat equity and human capital that deserve credit for progress.” He added, “It wasn’t…public servants who created change. It was private enterprises…”

It immediately hit me how right he is.

  • Jessica and I help clients buy a business to control their work life or sell their business to be rewarded for their decades of hard work.
  • Some of you advise businesses to increase sales, improve productivity, create a great culture, reduce taxes, or prevent / solve legal issues.
  • Business owners create jobs, wealth, and innovation.
  • Others finance their clients’ growth and the eventually finance the sale of the business.

Creating a government committee to study things never gets anything done. Entrepreneurs and their advisors who take action create positive things.

“The answer was to roll up your sleeves and dig in.” Andy. Kessler