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Last month I had eye surgery and a blurry eye makes you realize how we take sight, hearing, health, and other things for granted. Ask anybody who’s been hit by the nasty viruses going around this winter and I’m sure you’ll get an earful.

So, what do we (most people) take for granted in our businesses? Usually it’s the people and often it’s not intentional, it’s just that we get focused on our machines, our product, the margins and forget about who runs the machines, buys the product, etc. While I could create a long list of situations where the owner berated their people, here are a few more interesting examples.

Last year I visited a manufacturing business and noticed the employees eating their lunches in their cars. I wondered why, moved on to my meeting, and then, on a tour of the plant, realized why they were in their cars. The lunchroom needed a pressure washer and large amounts of disinfectant.

Many years ago, client Keith Jackson with Industrial Revolution, in response to my question about how his marketing was going, told me, “It’s amazing what happens when you actually pick up the phone and call your customers.” The previous owner took orders; Keith took interest in his customers.

A past client had trouble keeping good vendors. He lost two primary vendors (the second had replaced the first). Selling more of their product and accepting their assistance would have preserved the relationship.

The above said, many, many employers do take care of their employees and their customers. Things like great benefit plans, super coffee machines, beer Friday, and more create an atmosphere that encourages people to stay – and contribute.

Next week’s memo will cover what can happen when you don’t make employees feel appreciated.

“All looks yellow to the jaundiced eye.” Alexander Pope

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