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The February 8, 2012 Wall Street Journal had an article titled, “Little Room for New Workers.” The gist of the article was that there isn’t a lot of job churn these days because employees are risk-adverse and staying put because of uncertainty (which employers also have). Uncertainty was one of the top two negative factors owners gave in my recent survey. On the other hand, half of the owners in a group I facilitate are looking to hire.

If you’re wavering on this or any other issue, consider the following three points.

  • Ask yourself if you have the strategy that lets you know what direction to take. If not, it’s time to formulate a plan and metrics.
  • If you have the strategy then determine if you know the tactics necessary to be successful with your strategy.
  • You say you have the strategy and the tactics ready to go. Then why aren’t you implementing them? Numerous sources have indicated that implementing, or the lack of it, is what is holding back many businesses.

I can tell you from personal experience that it’s easier to create the strategy and the tactics than it is to implement all of it. There often just isn’t enough time in the day and the long-term tasks get pushed off to the next day and the next week. It’s why executives and owners have coaches and bring in consultants; to get their strategy off the ground.

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