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We’re on an airplane, in the air about 15 minutes and the captain announces there’s a problem with the cabin pressure and that we’re returning to our departure city.

As soon as the plane landed I was on the phone to Delta’s Medallion line and before the first person at the ticket counter was taken care of I had our new flights booked. I was almost as fast on getting a hotel room. I got a hotel reservation well before Delta told me they would pay for it. Other’s put their fate in the hands of the airline, got a voucher for a room and then had a hard time finding a hotel.

The strategy above, which is, “know what you want then move fast.” It’s the same strategy we all need to use in business. Get a good idea, define its strategy, outline the tactics and get going. If you wait until your plan is perfect, one of three things will happen.

  1. Day-to-day business will overwhelm you and you won’t implement.
  2. You’ll tweak it endlessly and never implement.
  3. The competition will breeze by you, beating you to market (even if it’s not the same idea they’ll capture attention).

Idea, strategy and, boom, implementation.

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