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Increasing Value

Simple Things Work the Best

By April 11, 2024No Comments

I exited the grocery store and as I got to my car a little old lady came up and said, “Excuse me, I can’t get my key out of the ignition. Can you help me?” My response, “Sure and did you put the shift into park?” She simply shrugged.

Sure enough, it was in drive, I put it in park, and gave her the keys. Simple solution simply overlooked.

While in Antigua on our Rotary project we had a meeting with the locals to discuss the one glaring weakness in our project, which is the lack of monitoring of the schools we’ve helped (with computers and wi-fi networks).

I went through how I can’t submit a report on our last Rotary grant and can’t apply for a new one until we can show continuous monitoring. We set up five teams, one for each zone (of schools) and each team will have three members on it. All they must do is make about five or six calls each, every other month.

When done, one of the local members said, “I now understand why we have to do this.” Clear explanation made understanding easy.

Business point – when you explain things and break it down to simple action steps it’s a lot easier to get results.

“Never make predictions, especially about the future.” Casey Stengel