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When there’s water all over the bottom of a refrigerator it’s a sign something is wrong. Our Samsung refrigerator has a problem, and it seems, judging from YouTube videos, it’s been going on years and they haven’t fixed it.

Refrigerators use coolant, which changes from a liquid to gas and cools the air, which then has lower humidity. The excess water is to drain and be evaporated by the heat from the compressor. But in Samsung models (and others I’m sure) the water freezes in the drain tube, overflows, and guess what? There’s water in the frig.

The fix is simple. There’s an OEM part that hangs from the heat coil into the drain tube. It’s ½ to 1” long and doesn’t work well. The aftermarket part is about 3”, probably costs about 17¢ to make and sells for $7 on Amazon (and $14 at the parts store). It carries more heat to the drain tube and eliminates freezing.

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A lot of things in life and business are simple, if we let them be simple.

  • Business sellers – simple decision, prepare your business for sale and exit with style, grace, and more money. Don’t prepare it and sell for less.
  • Business buyers – decide which leap of faith you’re going to make. A small leap on a mature, profitable, and fairly priced business or a big leap on a company treading water.
  • Operators – simply make decisions sooner and move on. Especially with people. From numerous client situations, whenever there’s a problem employee jettison them ASAP. Every owner I know in this situation said, “Why didn’t I do it sooner?”

And it was pretty simple to take the back panel off the inside of the refrigerator and hang this part on the coil. Plus, our appliance is now almost as clean as when it was new.

“The past is never where you think you left it.” (Writer) Katherine Anne Porter

“If you get dealt lemons in life, you should make lemon lavender mojitos!” Harriet Walter (as the character Deborah Welton)

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