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On October 14, 2021 Washington’s Governor announced he expects 8% of the State’s employees to not have jobs on Monday, October 18 because those people are not vaccinated (and the vaccine mandate takes effect then). He also said he doesn’t expect any disruption of State services.

If you (or a client, friend, business you frequent) lost 8% of your employees all at once what would happen? Let’s see:

  • It’s hard to find a business not looking for employees. Almost every store has signs out saying, “We’re hiring.” Lose 8% and reduce hours?
  • Delays in product delivery or services are already slow because the “People supply chain” is damaged. Lose 8% and really irritate customers (the owner of one of our favorite restaurants told us the labor shortage has made customers nasty because service is slower than normal).
  • There’s only so much overtime people want to work, and employers want to pay for. Lose 8% and to fill those hours with existing people means payroll jumps 50% for those hours.

And the list goes on (and on).

There’s a lot of money out there. A lot of money for buy-sell deals, venture capital, home improvements, and more. It appears the State has so much money they’re keeping workers that aren’t really needed. Maybe this is a solution to the shortage of workers in the private sector.

“Stupidity is always amazing, no matter how used to it you become.” Jean Cocteau

“Nothing is as dangerous for the state as those who would govern kingdoms with maxims found in books.” Cardinal Richelieu

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