What has COVID Done to Business Valuations, Deals, and Deal Structures? My insights are in this article.
Valuations & Deals in a COVID World

There Can Always be Another Question – Just Stop It!
Analysis Paralyis

Is Growth by Acquisition for You?
Growth by Acquisitin Isn’t for Everybody

Banker Survey – June 2020; Banking in the COVID World
Martinka Consulting Banker Survey June 2020

The Magic Question – What Does the Owner Do?
The Magic Question

Non-Financial Questions Are the Most Important Questions
Non Financial Factors are the most important

Navigating the Current Financing Maze
Buy Sell Financing Maze

From the Marquette University Business School Alumni Magazine
Five Secrets to Successfully Riding the Business Exit Wave

The Value of the Owner to the Business’s Value
The value of the owner to a business

AAA – Not to the Rescue; Assumptions, Adjustments & Add-backs
AAA not to the rescue

Puget Sound Business Journal – June 28, 2013, “To make a company valuable, you need to help it grow”
PSBJ growth article June 2013

Agency Sales magazine, published by the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association, published my article on the importance of exiting and success planning.
Next Exit Years Ahead from MANA’s Agency Sales

Rube Goldberg “built” very complicated devices for simple tasks. This article discusses business buyers, sellers and owners (trying to grow) need to keep it simple.
Rube Goldberg and business

The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Buying has fun with Dante’s Seven Deadly Sins and how business buyers fall in the trap of these sins when searching for, analyzing and trying to get a deal done.
The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Buying

Know the basics that help you exit on the terms you want (when others can’t)
John’s 20 Rules of Exiting and Selling 

What is a Business Buyer Advocate? This article, drawn from a talk on Getting the Deal Done explains the value provided.
Business Buyer Advocate – What is it?

The are some actions you can take now that will increase the value of your firm and attract more and better buyers to it. This article, published in The Crucible by NFFS covers some of these actions.
For Sale – The Next Step

A smart buyer is also credible and a safe buyer. A well prepared buyer is an advantage to a seller too.
20 rules of business buying