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I came back from the gym the other night and my wife had the MLB network on and was watching the Dodgers-Brewers game. The Dodgers announcer is Vin Scully, he’s been announcing Dodger games for over 60 years, he’s in his 80’s and sounds as good as ever (and better than most younger announcers).

If we’d been able to listen from the Brewer’s booth we’d have heard Bob Uecker, in his 70’s and still as funny as ever. Here are two guys who love what they do and are still on top of their game.

On the other hand, we read about and know people who can’t wait until they can quit their job and collect social security. What a difference between these people and Misters Scully and Uecker.

I see the same thing in business owners. To some it’s drudgery and to others it’s fun. I learned long ago that when we meet a potential seller of a business who’s in his or her 70’s, and especially in their 80’s, the odds of them selling are not that high (unless they are hit by a catastrophic event). Their business is either too much fun or they don’t have a life outside the business; and let’s hope it’s the former reason and they do have a life. We all should love what we do, constantly evolve it and yet not let it be all encompassing.

“A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn’t.” Tom Waits

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