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A client wants to make an offer to buy a business. The owner does not live in the same area as the buyer or the business so we’re going to take the next steps with a conference call and then meet in person.

However, my client wanted to detail options, concerns and questions in a long email before the call. He (thank goodness) sent it to me for review and asked, “Would it be crazy to put these options in front of the seller…” My answer was yes, it would be crazy, and it would be “deal suicide.”

Whether on a screen or on paper, what he would have sent are just harsh words and numbers. In person, preferably, or on the phone he can add tonality, build on the relationship and judge reaction.

Buying or selling a business, buying or selling a product or service and most other things are relationship based. Everybody should use those relationships to get a win-win outcome.

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